Very few called on Bhavika and Kanika's Birthday


17th July 2021, was the birthday of Bhavika. We received calls from our houses, Bhai, Kaku. But not from our respected Didi and Mannu.

And, on 19th July, it wsa Kanika's birthday. And, now Kaku also not called.

I felt so bad about this. I'm the guy who is calling everybody, literally everybody be it a 1 year old kid or an adult. After my marriage, I also forced Kanika to call each one of them.

And now, nobody called. I really felt bad and was in anger. I felt bad as not even Mannu called.

And, on top of it, there was some work that Kanika was doing for our Didi (Mannu's house), and they were in constant touch. The really bad thing is, Didi called on 18th July, stating that they were very busy yesterday and couldn't call on Bhavika's b'day. And, straight away discussed about the work. And, they did not call on next day as well (Kanika's bday)

It was a super mean thing by them. How would they feel, if I will not call them. Obviously they will feel bad. I wanted to tell Mannu straight away, but did not. As, I turns rude sometimes and it might hamper our relationship. Mannu also visited our house after few days, but I did not mentioned anything.

That day, they lost a little respect from my side.



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