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Save your personal stories forever. Let your next generation read about your thoughts, and experience. Write about anything, special moments.

Write your Daily Journal

Study shows enormous benefits of writing a daily journal. Write about your daily life, remember your thoughts afterwards.

Write as Anonymous User

You can write stories as anonymous user. Nobody will come to know the author. Write as anonymous if you do not want your name as author.

Write Private Stories

You do not want anyone to read your stories. No problem. You can store your memories as private. Nobody will ever be able to read your private stories.

Explore Other's Memories

You will never get bored of reading other's real life stories. Explore the interesting stories of people across the world.

Create Stories with your Photos

Store your memorable photos and write about them. Photos speak more than words. When integrate with words, they reflect your thoughts.


Show your name with stories

Write your stories and share with the world. Let people know about your life, your past. Your name will be shown along with stories.

Write as Anonymous User

You can write as anonymous user. Other's will be able to read your stories, but they will not know the author.

Write Full Private Stories

You can keep your personal moments as full private. It means nobody will be able to read your private stories. Only you can read them.

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Write your Moments to remember

You can write your beautiful moments, special experiences, outings, friendships etc.

Your Daily Journal

Study shows several benefits on why you should write a daily journal. Write about your daily events, relieve yourself.

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There is no hidden cost. Its absolutely free to store your memories. Open your wings, write carelessly. Relieve yourself.

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