100 Miles

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 I'm a bit tired today and it's definitely more due to how I
slept than anything else. I kept waking up hot flashing. I definitely slept
better with the temperature under the 70s. I just don't want to drop the
temperature anymore and really jack up the electric bill. 


Very disappointing TSH results at 13. So I only dropped by
one point. The number 13 kept popping into mind before I got the results, but I
rejected it quickly. I just hated to think I could only be down one point. I
still didn't feel the greatest yesterday either. If only I could quit the med
for a year! That would definitely tell me one way or another if the medication
was involved. Eventually, I'll address the anxiety with my doc. I picked up my
lab results on the site. I haven't heard from them yet. I want to see what
my doc has to say first. Today and yesterday I decreased my waiting time to
1/2 hour. So we'll see if that and being back on days helps. 


Doc just acknowledged that I have anxiety on this
medication, so they wanted to know if I would be willing to increase my dose to
two 88s a week rather than jump to every day and if I needed refills. I told
them I needed refills on the 75s and that even though there has been an
increase in anxiety since adding one 88, I’ll be willing to give it a try and
hope for the best. I asked if I could still be affected by my hormones, even
though it’s been two years without a bleed as it's a coincidence that my
struggles with anxiety didn’t begin until after the medication. I still highly
doubt I’ll ever be able to stand to get my numbers normal. 


The 9 that I saw in my dream was in the lab results. It was
just in the wrong test. My T4 is 1.29. 


Chatted with Chris for a while. It was a nice chat. 


Downloaded a meditation app, but I'm sure it won't do me
much good. Again, I'm not stressed out because of things going on in my life. It’s
something going on in my body. Although, I will admit I felt calmer after
getting the results, as disappointing as they were. 


We went out yesterday looking for the waterbed place but
started to turn around when we saw it. At least now we know where it is. At
some point, I may get a waterbed because I think it may help me sleep better.
Then I also won't have to deal with sagging, lumpy mattresses and change them
every few years. I'm thinking that if I keep the heater turned off or down
really low. It will keep me from overheating in my sleep. 


We stopped at Burger King on the way back. 


Jessie should get her stuff in a day or two. Hopefully, she
won't wait on letting me know that she got it and if anything broke. I hope
nothing breaks and I hope she'll be kind enough to let me know if it does
because that's how I know if I can ship like this in the future.  


Not sure if she's reporting 100% of what she hears, though.
She told me she didn't hear any boom car stereos on the way to and from Tampa
and right away I knew that wasn't possible. We heard three or four of them just
seven or eight miles out. That and the loud engines from some motorcycles and
muscle vehicles were pretty obnoxious and noticeable. Tom says maybe she just
doesn't notice them because she's not bothered by these sounds. But how can you
not notice something so obvious? I notice subtle sounds that don't bother me
like chirping birds. I get that I'm more observant than most, but still. She's
either deaf or playing things down. I don't see why she would play things down
intentionally, though. Either way, I would be willing to bet she's hearing the
same things we hear. 


They're back to being out a lot across the street, which I
like because then that's less time to worry about the motorcycle. I expected it
to be taken out yesterday since it was taken out two days in a row, but it
wasn't. For a while, they seem to swap with next door. Next door was going out
more often while they were staying home more often. Next door doesn't matter,
but hopefully across the street will be out more often, like yesterday. 


I passed the 100-mile marker into my trip! I should make it
to the Nevada border today. Based on my calculations, if I continue to do 4% a
week I should complete the trip in early August. Right now I'm just south of
Lake Tahoe. I'm going by Caples Lake. I passed a place called Tragedy Springs
earlier and I looked it up to see why it was called that, figuring some people
drowned there. Instead, I learned that some campers were murdered in the 40s.  


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