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 I got the art print that I won but didn’t win. The one where
I got a winning notification congratulating me just to open it and find it was
someone else that actually won the print that I complained about. It’s a lovely
panoramic view of Adobe-style homes. It looks like either Arizona or Southern
California. The only thing I don’t like about it is how orange the sky looks.
What is it with artists painting orangey skies and photographers making their
skies orangey, too? That’s just not natural. Especially when it’s a solid, even
color. I like everything else about it. The woman that painted it is definitely
talented, and I sent her a picture of it on my office wall. I taped it to the
wall. Oh, the artist just told me it was in Palm Springs. 


The project junkies across the street got rocks delivered
today. The bad news is that they didn’t get a pile dumped in the street for
them to spread out. They got them in large metal containers and it’s no doubt
going to make quite a racket when they dump batches into their wheelbarrow.
Then the truck has to return to pick up the containers. Ted said they were home
most of the morning, but since I got up at 11:30, the truck hasn’t been there.
Carly is, though, because she waved and said hello to me when we were on our
way out. 


The question is why are they doing this? Do they really care
about appearance? Is it just to have something to do? Or did the park get on
them about that area being so patchy? I still can’t believe they’re doing it to
sell the place although that would make me as happy as it would make me


It’s too late in the day now for them to work, but I just
caught a glimpse of the white SUV pulling out that visits often. Looks like she
might have been in the passenger seat. I heard one bark from the big dog and a
few from what I’m guessing is the smaller one unless it was someone else’s dog
I was hearing. This was before I saw the SUV, though. 


I got to try another Chinese place earlier. I got $18 worth
of beef fried rice, beef and mushrooms, and fried wontons. It’ll last two or
three days. This place is better than the last place. 


We also stopped at CVS as well. I like how they’re selling
individual pieces of candy if you don’t want a whole candy bar. 


Tim has to go to the lab early tomorrow morning. He’s having
a full panel done.


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