Miss you

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Is it okay to tell you that I miss our deep conversations, even if you're no longer mine? What we had was not only romantic relationship, but we created an amazing friendship together. All the emotions that we shared, the laughters and the tears. We supported each other in our lowest point in life. I miss how we talk about everything tirelessly that we couldn't notice the time. It always amazed me how you could listen to all my rants about things around us and still gave a calm and beautiful advise and opinion. I miss everything about you. I can still remember exactly the details of you. Your eyes when you smile, your eyebrows when you're mad, the way you laugh, the way you sway your arms. I remember everything. We could talk about almost everything you know, from stars to religion to political and even all the nonsense. You used to tell your feelings to me when you're sad. I was your comforter and you're mine. But sadly all these things ended, and right now it's my arms you're leaning on. It's not my heart you're sharing with you thoughts and feelings. It ended, and it made me sad.



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