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I woke up with the thought of Sonam Wangchuk's days long fasting protest in Ladakh….Not sure If I was dreaming about that but the first conscious thought on waking up in morning today was that !…..I was feeling a rage inside, Ladakh's vulnerable environment is in danger, a man has been fasting for so long, the entire Ladakhi community is on road protesting and there is zero coverage in mainstream media, the central government is anyway purposefully turning a deaf ear but how the people call themselves journalists can stoop that low !! The mineral reach Ladakh / Hasdeo forest in Chhattisgarh reminds me of the movie Avatar, how corporate and politicians are ready to have blood on their hands for money !!

I wrote in some newspaper pages, put some comments here and there…observed the turmoil in the minds went on for so long !

I often get raged with social injustice…I try to remind myself that this is how the world runs but the sorrow affects me a lot, saddens me to very personal level, I feel outraged towards the institutions that are causing it !

Do I identify myself with the victims ? Somewhere some how that rage of not being able to defend myself as a child, the role of the parents as mute spectator…..I guess I identify myself with the victims and the parents or the perpetrators with institutions… What I could not do back then, I try to give that justice to them now, in my head !


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