A Nice Public Function at Jaypee Klassic After Long Time

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Its been so long that there is a public function celebrated at Jaypee Klassic. Thanks to Covid lockdown.

So, Navratre is going on these days. And, people at Jaypee decided to collect some money and have a funcntion. They decorated well.

Yesterday, we all went there. Daksh and Bhuvi were excited to go there. There was one stage, where kids were singing and performing. I saw, Kanika was standing with Bhuvi. Bhuvi was looking excited that she wanted to sing or say something on stage. But, she didn't come. My kids are shy just like me.

But I saw, she was dancing silently. By keeping her hands in her ear, the music was loud. Daksh also enjoyed, howevere there were no friends for him. I also saw a lot of new faces.

I bought some cold drink, juice for kids. Later, Daksh wanted to eat Momos. He is fond of momos.

There were also some counters for businesses. I had a talk with a commercial property guys, Orian. Its beingn launched near our Jaypee.

Overall, it was a nice outing.


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