A visit to Romy B

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My parents are here for few days, and my cousin called my father to visit them. My father agreed. I was kind of hesitant to go there, its been long since they have visited my house. I agree, that I lack the skill to invite people nicely, but I do asked them many times to visit us. But, everytime they say they are busy. 

But, I thought lets go. We decided to go there on Saturday at 6 PM. Its around 20 km long, but it takes around 1 hour to reach there due to busy road. We reached there at 7:15 PM. We were greeted by Romy B, the elder cousin.

His Price Tags Started

They recently re-built their house from scratch. Since the time we reached their house. Romy B started a show-off. For every little piece fitted, he tells the price tag without we asking for it. I was smiling little, and trying to hide my smile.

We did not even entered their house, from far away. See that light, very good light, costing X Rs. 

In front of the gate, look at our gate, I have purchased it from XZY place, and found for X Rs.

See these tiles, they are XYZ material, costing this much. We entered the house. Look at the lights, look at this, look at that. Bla-bla. 

But, I msut say that he was showing some ego or something like that. He was just showing-off his house. And, was happy. So, I was happy too. Sometimes, people show-off but their actions let others feel down. But, he was not doing that.

Here comes tea time. He started bragging about the stuffs. "Haldiram bhi kya kya banata hai". I mean, he was indirectly telling me that he brought things from Haldiram.

His bed mattress cost around 90k Rs. I was like, OMG.


Infact, their house was looking awesome. There was too much light, and less space. He spent around 1 Cr in that house. I think, he must have spent much more than that.

They purchased everything new. Their house area was very very less. They built 4 floors, each with same design.


Anyway, we enjoyed that short stay. Everybody behaved very nicely. Kids also enjoyed. Kids were playing nicely. I was thinking, Riya/Vasu never behaved like that. Ashu B came late. 

It was 10:30 PM. I asked Kanika that its late. But, I didn't want to go. Infact, we left from there at 11:30 PM.

We went to market, had kulfi. The market was a good one.

My Painpoint

I asked them, since how many years, I'm in Noida. Its 15 years. How many times, you visited me. Not even once. Once they visited in Daksh's B'day in 2012. Still 10 years.

I told them in funny way that I will come here again only when you come to my place.


Overall, it was a very beautiful outing. A good time-pass. Leaving parents there was not something felt good. Kids were also feeling sad.


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