Allowing prophecies to reach my wounded soul

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0:10I have had a burden on my heart for

0:12those who have felt like so much time in

0:14their life has been wasted in waiting

0:17years and decades have gone past without

0:19the manifestation of his promises in

0:22some long-awaited areas and the Glorious

0:24Joy of breakthrough

0:26I sense the Lord saying that nothing is


0:30no time has really been lost because he

0:32is now redeeming that time that has felt


0:36this year I had one of the most profound

0:38Encounters of my life where I heard the

0:41Lord Thunder Begin Again

0:43I knew he was speaking over seasons and

0:46speaking to time

0:47in that moment the realization that time

0:50is but a resource to him and time bows

0:52to him surrounded me so strongly

0:56when he thundered begin again he was

0:58thundering that all that had been lost

1:00stolen or hindered in the spirit he was

1:03redeeming time and it was beginning

1:04again bringing forth Supernatural

1:06restoration recompense and fulfillment

1:08of that which he has spoken and promised

1:12the years of pain anguish despair

1:14hopelessness disappointment and waiting

1:17he was redeeming

1:19he is making up for what many have felt

1:21has been lost time more than ever

1:24more than before will explode into the

1:26lives of his people as they wait on him

1:30more will be done in his Redemption and

1:32restoration than was seemingly lost in

1:35what has been for some Decades of


1:37he is doing and restoring more than ever

1:40before to those who have felt they have

1:41lived in years of loss

1:44many who have felt the best years of

1:46their life are over are about to move

1:49into the best years of their life as

1:51they wait on and Delight in him

1:54inheritances lost will be doubled Hearts

1:57broken will be mended made whole and

1:59filled with more joy and peace than ever


2:02promises for restoration of broken

2:04marriages from Decades of hurt healed

2:08Financial ruin through the enemy's

2:10attacks and stealing will be turned to

2:12see these ones as some of the most

2:14generous givers in the Kingdom

2:16we as the people of God have stepped

2:19into one of the greatest Seasons where

2:21the banner he has raised declares



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