Finally Purchased new Bike - Giant Escape 2

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Since long, I was looking for a bike (cycle). Yesterday I finally bought one. The "Giant Escape 2".

I went through Uber Taxi to the shop, as I was super clear to buy one that day. I had confirmed from the shop-keeper that he had the bike.

I had finalized Toronto H30 to buy. But, I changed my mind after going there and during the test ride. I found Giant Escape the best. Toronto was no-where close to it. The bike gave real feeling.

I had other bikes as well in my mind:

  • Giant ATX
  • Polygon Path 3
  • Firefox Rapide 21s (I was in love with this, if this could had disk breaks, I would buy it)
  • Polygon Cascade 4
  • Trek Dual Sport
  • Trek FX
  • Toronto H30
  • Firefox Volante

Toronto H30 was costing me 30K, and Giant Escape-2 at 50K. I was fully prepared with Toronto H30. I negotiated a lot with him, generally, I do not do this. But, I did my best. The good thing is that the shopkeeper gave a 12% discount on that bike, so it cost 50K after the discount. Nobody could get any discount online. I thought, sometimes you have to treat yourself as well. As it was very costly bike. After all, it is just a cycle.

Then, I gave him my American Express card. And, he refused to take it. I was very irritated as I confirmed this before coming to his shop. This wasted around 1 hour. As, he tried to generate an online link, but no way. I had another card, but I wanted to pay through this only.

In the meantime, there was an actress present in the shop, Gul Panag. I was thinking of taking a pic with her, but couldn't gather the courage. I had to go to other shops as well. So, I asked the shopkeeper to prepare the bike, as I came. I was standing very near to her, opened my camera and thinking of asking her for a pic. But, she started moving to her car. I smiled and moved outside of the shop.

I came back after around 30 minutes and found her standing there. I went straight to her and asked for a pic, she obliged with a smile. She was really pretty and tall.


Finally, the shopkeeper said you can pay to other shop of theirs, but that is in Sector-18. So, they sent their one of guy with me. I was riding on that new bike and he was also in his bike. After reaching there, he also didn't had machine for American Express card. I was so pissed off. I wasted other 30 minutes there. Finally, I didn't want to loose that bike, I paid through Citi card.

There is a secret! I paid 40K through Citi card, as it is linked to Kanika's name. I didn't want to tell her the real cost of the bike, she would be very angry on me on buying a 50K cycle. I paid rest with my UPI.



I did ride for almost 15 KM to home. As I ride the bike on highway. I felt so so good. The bike is a beast. It went so smooth, and its gear system was too good. On top speed, I was feeling like I was riding a real bike. It was so fast. I can't describe the feeling. I did overtake two cars in between :)

In the morning, I did little puja.


Daksh was very happy seeing the bike. He is generally very happy seeing new stuff. And, that day he asked for my bike. He was super excited to ride my old MTB bike. So, we had three bikes now. My two bikes, and one Daksh's.


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