Release the anger, hatred and bitterness to You

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Dear Heavenly Father, 

I surrender my hatred, anger, frustrations and bitterness towards my mom to You. I dont want to have any part with my mom. I cut all ungodly soul ties with her and return to her whatever belongs to her and take back whatever belongs to her.

Help me to remove the thinking of why is she so abnormal? Why she cannot do simple household chores? Why she cannot even cook? Just because she has mental illlness that has been plaguing her for years? Why must I always be the one clearing her mess? Be it in the fridge or the kitchen? Why must the roles be reversed? She has lost the one and only spectacle cloth that I have. I dumped it in to the washing machine and she claims she didnt see it. PLease, the rest of the clothes are bigger in size so she cannot lose it. 

Now , I dont have time to work on my lessons and do administrative duties. I want to snap and roar her so much. I want to slam the door. I want to scream at her. WHY are you so weird? WHY are you my mom? 

Help me to remove these deep seated hatred towards her? 

Renew my mindset towards her. Change my perspective towards her. 

Flood and infill my heart with Your love and grace.  I really dont know how else to pray. I dont even know how to talk to her without that anger simmering in me. Help me, God. In Jesus name.


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