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Just getting used to this. Thinking of where I am going to share and compile some personal things. Considering how much I type a day, no matter how long it is, it will be a blip in comparison. I am processing the things in my life. I feel there was a lot of psychological abuse that was never acknowledged. Physical abuse as well, but I feel like the psycholgical abuse is inherent in them. They are both mentally ill, but they spent my life projecting and inverting everything, arguing with me on everything, critiquing and saying i was crazy and belonged in hospital… only i was right about everything. So it is kind of a tragic story, subjected to the will of two insane people that were portraying me as insane and bad in general when i was nothing of the sort. And now Im almost 40 years old and they are in their 70s. But i was recently reminded, as I hadnt spoken to my mother in 6 years, I gave it a try again, but it just proved my instincts correct again. She is very selfish, and weak, and I believe weakness leads to negative aspects of human nature reigning supreme. My mother would rather live in denial at my expense, and continue to spread lies about what actually happened to me, blame me for things she and my father are responsible for… etc. There is no acknowledgement, remorse, nothing. 


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