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At this point… I just can’t go around in circles anymore. And this stain of my mom and the reality of my parents again is glaring. Of course I am now miserable again because every day is torture. And its reminder of every time I already felt this desperate and reached out to my parents. They never actually helped me with anything. My parents have always either been the reason I was suffering extraordinarily or


I think I’ve reached a point where my mind won’t even really let me repeat anymore.. its like the reason this was so painful the whole time was it was logical to reach the conclusion that the pain would never stop because of my parents. They refused to help me and their “help” is only ever more pain. Every time they could help they chose to hurt but call it help. 


I've spent 2 years with this latest pain that is unbearable to live with. Its something I have to accept after 2 years that these urologists have no clue what they’re doing either. So many incompetent doctors and urologists and people willing to just sell you for any amount of money. My own parents were the force behind all of it, not the gov.. they did their work for them. 


Anyway, I was getting by on gabapentin but I can’t live like that either..  i need to actually solve the root issues, and my own parents are still denying me.. this is decades later after I first accepted my death and was not given any mercy to die.. even though id accepted my parents poisoned me. People have no idea the pain that follows with accepting your own death and not being able to die. It was all logical and more than a person could bare in pain. My parents were responsible. 


This latest pain developed most likely as a consequence of a consequence from the penile disorder developed very young as yet another side effect of the pills my parents forced me on. 


Am I the only person that has any decency left? I would never EvEr do what my parents have done. 


The bottom line is everyday for me is torture.. and nothing but,.. it didn’t used to be… again I had hope .. but after speaking to my mother and being reminded of how evil she is.. how she could just deny me and all my feelings and words.. every single time.. its so hard to even speak on now.. theres so much legitimate trauma here.


All the hope I had to do my music … the one thing that I could have at least made all the pain worth living through.. I thought.. I never got a chance to do.. I only got to show like 5 percent of me..


No one should have to accept their own death and keep going.. thats the worst torture of all.. for decades.. not one or two years.. and not being shown ANY mercy or compassion or understanding… nobody listened to me about my parents..


Its been proven my mother inverts things now. My whole life I washes gaslit and run in circles of lunacy with either of my parents.. there was no speaking to them.. no point you could make that they would admit.. 

Every day I could have prevented things from getting worse.. up until a point.. im not superman.. im a very strong human but im not superman. 


Every day my penis and perineum  stays half hard and I cannot wear clothing again most of the time or sit down on my perineum.. and there are no answers.. always such obvious phsycail symptoms for things and me speaking on them.. and people like my parents and the doctors ignoring what actually happened and lied about every detail.. so it was so many abuses on top of abuses on top of abuses. And its still happening.. I never got out. I should have gotten out.. if I wasn’t ever going to even have a chance to sing or make music simply for my mental health even.. and not have understanding and support about that from my own parents I mean what the hell was I even entertaining being around here for anymore. And why would anyone try to stop me and keep torutring me further.. 


\my mother is here saying should be grateful for being tortured. I have had the will to live the entire time.. but I’ve been living in a cage and not even able to do what I could just because of the circumstances here and my mom and dad do nothing but deny everything and change all the details. 


I could not bare to go on with these different agonizing pains.. I wanted to make my life worth it.. but my parents would not even let me do the thing I loved and survived to do. That was music.. I wasn’t even allowed .. what did I survive for? To just be tortured.. and my mother to say I should be grateful to hurt while she does nothing but lie about me and say what I feel and dictate reality when she’s a psychopath and doesn’t care at all about me. 


Its the weirdest thing. I could have been shown some decency.. some compassion.. its always flipped upside down with my mother. 


What other way can I say it? I can’t get a good urologist and its the latest in the damage to my pelvis and all these things I tried so hard to prevent and my mother and father just wouldn’t listen to me about. Just like decades earlier.. it was always my parents behind everything. Every single thing had the root source of my parents causing the pain.. and somehow this wasn’t ever addressed? 


My entire life.. just stolen from me.. so much torture.. and no mercy.. and so far beyond what the average person could ever handle.. no credit.. nothing.. 


No one should ever have to live this way.. I tried every way and I found avenues and my parents still STILLLLLL forced me to live in the most torturous of ways on purpose.. just denied every word I said.. 


I had no other choices.. literally nothing else I could do.. and then you have these opposites of me the weakest people I know by far and the most evil - my own parents.. and they’re the ones dictating my life to this day.. 

I never should have survived past 16 if I was never going to be listened to and I knew that. Thats where the  biggest feeling of hopelessness always originated… my parents. All it would have taken was listening and supporting me at all.. but all my parents ever did was argue ignore and deny me. 


I don’t know what else to say.. I pushed everything to the limit and almost nobody offered me anything.. nobody cares.. its been almost 2 years of this latest pain condition getting to this point. I do believe it could have been prevented, at least from getting this bad.. its all interconnected and I know so much would have been helped being supported to do music. That was all I asked surviving.. and my parents are so incredibly cruel that they made up every excuse to keep me trapped. They’ve known all along how they were suffocating me financially and using things so I could not speak out or else I would not even have a place to stay at all. 


This is not an acceptable way to live, AT ALL, FOR A VERY LONG TIME. And I documented everything that shows how bad my mother and father really are.. how they can deny every word I say and just make things up.. what do I have  do to make people understand this?

What do I have to do? What do I have to do to make people know im the real deal and my parents are fucking monsters? I never wanted to spend any time on this I just wanted to sing and make music - its literally the only thing I survived for if I was going to survive.. and make something out of that.. but I was just forced to barely get by and live in pain and not even express myself.. all along why did my parents not want me to make music? Why were there always these lies over and over… and nobody stood by me.. 

Too easy to just write me off .. but I was right. I never should have had to live this way with zero compassion and my own parents lying about me .. my whole life.. 


Theres no defense and no excuses here and Im so fucking sick of this. My parents could have helped with the least of this so id even have a reason at all to live through the pain but I can barely walk or urinate and if anything touches that part of my body its just so painful.. just like when I was a child and the pain that I dealt with was denied by my own mother and created by her.. 


This inversion of reality and hurting people that have no way to stop it is so fucking cruel. I should have had a choice.. any time in my life… there was nothing wrong with me mentally, it was just all the pain and lies from them combined. 


I don’t play hyperbolic games.. it truly is like my parents are the complete inverse and will lie about literally anything and deny anything and this whole thing is the most twisted psychological abuse ever from my perspective.. this is decades of my own parents denying me and being at the root of every pain and having doctors align and deny the actual sources and have me stuck on pills …


The whole thing is just a mess. 

Im oalmost 40 years old and theres not a shred of justice here and to have it go this way.. nobody helped.. the pains got worse and worse because I never escaped this apartment and my my parents were just rich people may whole life that spent on them and found ways to make it look like they cared for me but lied and omitted all details everything was just to paint a picture.

Theres nothing left to do now except just accept again and yeah its a horrible story that this went on so long and not a single person would show me any mercy or compassion. After so many years of these two people controlling my life knowing I couldn’t make money on my own and what they did to make me bedridden so often.. 


Im so tired. And im so tired of being abused and denied and ignored.. 


Its such a tragedy… all the time wasted. Everything I served through.. and my parents and nobody could just help me move to a place I could record from? Through all this pain.. the one thing.. and I believe it would have been something a lot of people would have liked to hear .. something very deep and genuine that is rare.. 


What else can I say? Or do? It goes so much deeper than this and my understanding is so deep .. makes it so hard because I see so many steps ahead and the inversion is so deep that its like .. its the hardest thing to deal with - the psychological abuse aspects of this are so bad.. because it is that extreme gaslit feeling and  true craziness. I deserved far better treatment, not abuse… in the guise of “help”.. thats always my mom.. saying she loves or helps but hurts and hates.. 


Theres only so much a person can do, and no one can blame me for reaching the logical conclusion. My parents are monsters. I didn’t have to be stuck in this place for the last six months, the entirety of winter - all the time gone and things set in place this way - I reached out to my mom and I documented how she treated me and proved again her denial and omissions of truth etc. 

The least that could be done to help me live comfortably- needed to be done… but my parents denied me like always.. pretending they’re good people but are the furthest thing from it.. I’ve faced pure evil my whole life.. 


Its just sick.. 

Turned out to be right.. and never got credit or a chance.. just evil people that piled on me more.. like my mother.. and used the amount of abuse to overwhelm me and gaslight me to make me seem crazy.. its all so evil. 


To make someone live with such anger too… logical earned anger… and to force someone to live like that… no compassion no mercy no understanding.. no anything but more wrong.. 


Evil.. evil.. evil.. evil.. evil../ 


Jist evil. I never had a chance. Because they had full control. 


I should have had control and I could have prevented my parents from doing what they did to me… over and over again.. even the last two years.. even the last six months.. I could have prevented so much. I could have saved myself from such torture.. at least to that degree.. but nobody would help me move or help with the smallest things. Instead my mom says I should be thankful to live to experience only pain because she’s an absolute monster and as long as she isn’t feeling pain then it doesn’t matter. 


Every time I would find hope my parents would take it from me. 

What can I do now when I can barely walk anymore half the time due to the perineum and so much is physically wrong and its all interconnected.. and nobody would listen to me.. my parents denied me the most yet again in the last texts and I documented that well again. 


My whole life I did the work and I documented and I did all the right things and I just got fucked over and over again. They’re abusers.. liars.. experts at manipulating and gaslighting and making you go in circles.. maddening.. thats just who my parents are and I’ve never met a worse case in my life.. I’ve never met anyone I hated or that caused me any type of pain the same way .. I could never be angry at anyone else because no one could ever treat me so badly.. 


I should have either had a way to live or to die.. not begging for some decency in either direction.. and getting nothing. I worked every angle.. I tried to do everything and my parents still treated me like shit and lied about things and still going around lying.. and im living just suffering.. and did all I could to leave and use the last time of my life and still couldn’t get out of here to just simply live my purpose.. no support.. none. I didn’t need anything but to move to a place I could do it from, thats all. It was simple. Just like 25 years ago it was simple. But I never got any support from my parents only the opposite. And then they’d lie and lie and lie about every detail.. still doing it.. and nobody cares…


Nobody cares..


I am a very very hard worker and disciplined person.. the opposite of my mother and father.. they just pretend.. they’re very lazy and just watching tv all day and always been so stupid and combined with all the worst traits.. they’re just fakes. So many people in this world are fake. You don’t get someone real like me without going through it.. badly.. 


And knowing my parents will always play this angle as long as they’re alive is — its just terrible to know your parents are that evil they’ll always omit the details and lie and portray you a certain way.. they’re just monsters. I never had a chance that way. 


And combined with sick people in the medical field that would just deny every word I said just like my parents and treat me that way.. just horrible. All ganged up on me as a kid and no doubt they would all do the same now. These are sick disturbed people that have no problem making anything up at the expense of someone else. I didn’t deserve any of this. And id been living already with a penis that didn’t work for over 20 years from the pills they put me on .. never got to have a real relationship because I didn’t even know what it felt like after age 15. Two years of normalcy.. then zero for the rest of my life.. before I even had a relationship.. I was healthy enough before that.. everything .. it was all preventable.. my parents just forced it on me.. all of it. And just deny deny deny.. im the problem somehow.. I was logical the entire time.. everything was as it would be in response.. 


Nobody listens to me.. nobody cares. Nobody fucking held my parents accountable or the doctors.. nobody listened to me. 


Its like the crazy people have been running the asylum. My mother has diagnosed mental issues but all she could do is project and demonize me point at me.. same with my father.. maddening circles of illogical shit that  I’ve never encountered with anyone else.. thats my parents.. I’ve only experienced this with people with severe personality disorders.. 


I was badly abused to have to interact with this every day.. like nothing but gaslighting and weird behavior.. and my brain just doing all it can to find some ways to navigate all of this so many years later.. and when I was that patient and that strong to keep it inside and keep going like this.. 


Nobody cares and nacres .. not really.. people would genuinely help not “help” and hurt instead or make this continue for another ten years and another.. when it turned out that I was right all along, about everything. 


Ive known what works and what doesn’t work and I’ve had it right all along. I just had terribly selfish sick and generally severely undeveloped people for parents.. Ive seen everything through and learned everything so many times over… and yet im looked at in an inverse way from the reality of who I am.. and rooted from my own parents.. its all very demonic - that inversion of good and evil and truth and lies… 


I didn’t deserve any of this. I could have been given anything to help me live comfortably … but nothing .. always… nothing.. no mercy no compassion no logic nothing right… yet I knew the entire time. 

Couldn’t have been a worse way to torture me. And my mom will still call it all love. 


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