after relationship therapy

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my therapy session just ended and i feel good. my (ex)girlfriend just recently broke up with me because she felt like she could not have a long distance relationship (2 hr drive) as she finishes her summer work and begins her new job and be a good partner at the same time. while that obviously hurt and had me questioning whether she loved me or not, after the session, i am feeling a little better. while i obviously am hoping that we can work it out and be together because i would move if she could promise her love to me, this session has helped me realize some things about myself. i have anxious attachment after difficult moments rather than my typical secure attachment. i have more giving energy, go with the flow energy. i like being motherly and taking care of people. i dont like when things are left unsaid or undecided because then i feel like i have to decide. i dont like not knowing. don't get me wrong, i am strong and independent, but i also like following. while i do not know what awaits between me and her, i know i will be okay. as much as i want me and her to be forever, i know that whatever happens will be okay. i am figuring myself out, figuring out how to respond, how to take care of myself and truly love myself more. thats what matters at the end of the day. 


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