All it takes is a drop of hatred and anger to land in my heart

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A drop of hatred and anger spread across my heart. I am soon poisoned with anger and hatred. Flashback of past memories hit me. Paralysed with anger, I trod around the house like an old lady. I soon shut down. My brain starts to fog. My back starts to itch. Headache starts to tap on the door of my forehead. I want to sleep and not face the memories. Signs of shutting down. 

Prayers: Dear Heavenly Father, help me. I release the hatred and anger towards those who have hurt and robbed me. I choose not to let that drop to infiltrate my heart any more. I choose to surrender that drop to You. Flood Your ocean of love, grace and mercy into my heart and completely wash out that drop. I pray for holy forgetfulness to move on, not allowing the claws of the past to cling on my back, burdening me for the rest of my life. Help me in due time, to recollect myself , surrender pieces of painful memories back to You. I pray for serenity to accept what has happened and peace for complete healing. Be with me, Holy Spirit NOW, in the most precious name of Jesus Christ I pray.


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