All it takes is a printer issue to deregulate me

Privacy: anonymous

I just called the service centre to verify the loaned printer. I was upset with the outcome and called best friend to rant about it. I know she meant well for me and started offering solution in a karen mode. Soon, I find myself deregulate, shutdown and even started to crying. She explained that it does not pay to be a nice customer, must escalate the matter and bring this matter to the manager level. Then, things will be resolved at a faster rate. She was from a call centre and being a manager, she knew what is the process and the bottlenecks. She was offering solutions in an agitated manner and this is not like her. She damn cucumber mode, meaning non-chalant and cool. 

I asked myself why did I behave this way? It triggered the initial memory of how the scammer emotionally blackmail me , belittling my occupation, making me feel very small, trampling my low self esteem. How I should I invest for "our future" in this financial app that he has recommended. He reminded me not to tell best friend about this investment. Naively I fell for it. This was the initial stage of how the entire love scam unfolds. That is why I became deregulated, shaken and memories start to pour back. I had to wash the toilet to calm myself down. My mind started fogging and I knew I had to pen this down to let go of the matter and cover the incident in prayers to move on. 

Prayers: Dear Heavenly Father, I know that there is a reason why things unfold this manner and You have allowed the memory to resurface. Not to trap me , but to look at the love scam incident at a different perspective and surrender the matter to God and ask for Him to deliver me out of this mental mess and stabilise me. Help me, God. May the presence of the Holy Spirit quiet my wounded soul and cuddle me. God, vindicate for me and the victims. I stand in the gap for the victims and I pray for extreme vindication and judgment towards the syndicate and the scammer. FIght for us, O Lord. I pray recompense 7 fold for victims and myself. Bless us wisdom and discernment not to fall for the devil's trap and schemes. Help us O Lord, in the most precious name of Jesus Christ I pray 


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