All shall pass

Privacy: anonymous

I happened to watch 2 videos. One lightened my heavy heart while the other reminded me all shall pass. What truths can I glean from these videos? I dont love myself enough. I have allowed events, speeches and anything and everything to swing my emotions very easily. I have really enjoyed chatting with him, sharing my heart out, pouring my rantings to him. To me, a listening ear is so precious and hard to find. Perhaps my age. Perhaps my occupation. I am forced to be a solo giver. I find it so hard to receive. I lost sleep last night and tried to drown myself in social media. Loneliness invaded me like thousand of knives piercing me at the same time. I prayed. I tried to plug into sermons, listening to worship songs, yet my soul refused to be comforted. I asked God, take my life away. I find life really meaningless. Being single is so tough at my age is so tough. I see children everywhere yet none is mine. The aching desire is so piercing. I texted my best friend who is married but desire a child could relate to my aching desire of having a child. I texted my cousin how can she cope loneliness during these festive seasons?

Prayers: Dear Heavenly Father, help me. I surrender my life to You. I dont know how else to pray already. I surrender my creative will to you. I dont want to ruminate about him. I know the shadow of him will slowly fade away as time trickles. Strengthen me O Lord with Your grace. Be with me, fill my aching lonely heart with Your love and mercy, in the most precious name of Jesus Christ I pray


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