Anger? Rage? Hatred? Bitterness? Regret? Pain? A palette of emotions

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Towards the scammer and syndicate, a stroke of emotions pierced my emotions canvas. A stroke of anger brushed across the canvas. I questioned God " Why? What did I do wrong? Why did the scammer devise such sinister plan? How could the scammer do this to me? How I wish he can go straight to hell. He should burn in eternity. The entire syndicate should burn in hell forever for they have inflicted so much pain and anguish to all the victims. One of the victims, the nurse is still going through hell, paying for her mistake. So am I. Why are the victims paying for a mistake and the wrongdoers can get away scot free!? God, where are you? Where is justice rendered? Where is the vindication ? Another stroke of hatred brushed furiously against the canvas. " That is my first instant thought. I sighed. Hatred can blind and cloud my judgment. I am paralysed with the rollercoaster emotions. My canvas is filled different shades of red. I teared. 

Dear Heavenly Father, I choose to forgive the scammer and the syndicate for You have forgiven me. I choose to release the anger, bitterness, resentment ( towards them ) into Your hands. Heal my heart. I dont want to live in a world of pain and anguish , not even a single moment. Flood my heart with Your love, grace, mercy. Rebuild, restore and redeem my identity that is only built on Your words, Your love and Your presence. I want my life to live only for You, not immersing in mistakes that I have made. In the most precious name of Jesus Christ I pray 

Tears misted my eyes. 


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