Beauty on the ledge

Privacy: anonymous

All of 25, and encompassing all the best features of everyone in our family, she crawled in the early dark hours of the morning, purse in hand. . . car still running with the headlights on, intoxicated, through the isolated desert area that overlooked the city, that she was so familiar with. . . . to the edge of the cliff and held tightly as she pulled herself over the edge. 150' straight drop. . . into a void of land where people dispose of old appliances, mattresses and trash. 

Forgive me for my blunt and at times harsh text, but this is how I feel.

I loved her and just moved back to find that after the fact she only lived 2 blocks from me. 

Her biggest complaints were that I left her behind when she was 12 and I didn't come back until she was 20. Why did you leave me?

The answers I had were far beyond her maturity level so I could only remind her that I came back.


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