Bye bye

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 I got fed up with the Rep group and left. I
complained about the daily glitches, people jumped on me about it because it
was “negative,” and I’d had enough of only being able to post the positives without
getting attacked. If you don’t say what others want to hear, you’re “negative,”
no matter how honest and factual you really are being with no intention of
offending anyone.


Yes, their rules do say to
keep it positive and that posting negativity is unhelpful and
counterproductive. But that’s wrong. The fact is that they’re actually truthful
and honest. What do they expect people to do, lie and say everything is just
peachy when it’s not? Don’t get me wrong, it’s a wonderful app. But it’s full
of glitches and it needs work! The only way they’re going to be aware of the
problems is if people are allowed to address them. Emailing them directly has
done me no good at all. I don’t know if they just don’t care or if they’re that
incompetent in their coding, but the app seems to be more and more glitchy by
the day. When you only allow positive comments, you’re basically only telling
half of the story because. No app is perfect and no group, forum, or whatever
is going to receive 100% positive comments. When you create groups of any kind,
whether it’s on account of an app you’ve created or some other program, you are
going to get complaints. If you can’t handle them then why have groups? Better
yet, why have apps if you can’t handle complaints and you aren’t gonna do anything
to fix the problems?


They also say not to claim
anything is scripted when people get all warm, fuzzy feelings about something
positive their Rep told them.


In other words, don’t tell
little Johnny that Santa isn’t real, and don’t tell little Susie that the tooth
fairy isn’t real either.


Lastly, they say not to
message anyone without their permission.


I’m sorry, but who died and
made them the Facebook police? Who the hell are they to say what people can do
outside of the group?


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