Class 7 School Trip- Jodhpur & Jaisalmer

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DAY 1 - 20th October,2023


Today I went to the Old Delhi Railway Station. I met my friends at the station. The teachers took us to Platform-3 where our train arrived. At first, we boarded B-4 but then we were shifted to B-3. At first, I was about to get seats with 3 of 7-H boys i.e. Aryaman, Atharv and Harshit. But then my seat was changed and I got seat no.30 on the topmost seat. Saby sat with me, Aminah and Shanvi in front of us while Ayesha was beside us. There were 2 aunties down who didn't let us talk so we decided to sleep. I slept on the middle bed below Shanvi because me and Saby swapped our seats. Ayesha was infront of me whereas Aminah was were Ayesha was sitting. I wasn't able to sleep nor was Ayesha. She told me spooky stories and even said that kidnappers can come in the train. I slept after 1:30am.


That's all for Day 1



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