Do looks matter more than personality ??

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A story between two individuals, a man and a woman. Let's assume that male is Dhruv and female is Spatika. They met through a matrimonial site and liked each other's profiles. They got their first video call, and Dhruv was impressed by how Spatika behaved and how she spoke with him. On the other hand, Spatika was uncertain about Dhruv's first video encounter. She was perplexed, unsure whether Dhruv was flirting with her or whether it was Dhruv's internal feeling. The days passed, and both stayed silent. One fine day, Dhruv asked Spatika to have a video call. Spatika also thought of learning more about Dhruv, and agreed to get a call. In the second call, the two spoke well, and Spatika was also impressed with Dhruv's behaviour. The two of them were happy.

After that, they kept in constant contact. They shared their memories of life, their career paths, and so on. The two of them were extremely interested in each other.

During conversations, Spatika learned that Dhruv give more importance to physical appearance, always thinking that he has the best body and expecting the same from his partner. Spatika didn't exactly think of it.

Time to meet each other directly!

Spatika and Dhruv were anxious to meet. They met, and Dhruv was not satisfied with Spatik's appearance. Spatika did not meet Dhruv's seemingly physical expectations. First thing Dhruv told Spatika was that you'd gotten too skinny. Spatika saw disappointment in Dhruv's face, and she felt very insecure, and all of her confidence vanished. Spatika wasn't interested in talking anymore, so she remained silent. On the other hand, Dhruv tried to speak so formally as opposed to their day-to-day conversation. Dhruv kept on saying your face looks small, you were nice in matrimony photos, when did you take those photos? Since when is your face so tiny?

Spatika was fed up and expected to leave as quickly as possible. They met for an hour, then left.

Spatika, which gives more importance to a person's mentality, how they speak and think is not specific to physical appearance. "Is that the same person she spoke to every day?" She kept wondering. Is she who I used to share everything with? she was shocked by the manner in which Dhruv spoke during their first direct meeting. She felt sad.

Spatika lost all her confidence. Everyone judged her when she got fat. She lose weight through diet and physical activity. Someone is now passing judgement based on physical appearance.

She just wanted a life partner who wouldn't judge her and accept her as who she is. On the other hand, whenever she met people through matrimonial proposals, everyone was only concerned about her physical appearance, and the feelings and inner behavior of her was little concern to them.

My last words are, "The appearance of our body is within our hands." We don't stay in shape. Happiness comes when we stop thinking about others' judgements and live life the way we want. I wish Spatika had the same mentality and learned something new whenever she was rejected by someone. I hope Spatika will have a life partner as she wishes.


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