Dreams and Such

Privacy: anonymous

 Andy turned 60 yesterday. Andy, who wants to be called Mark.
He said it took his family a while to get used to the idea of it and it will
definitely take me a while too. I’ll call him that directly, but will refer to
him as Andy in my journal and when discussing him with Tom. 


I’m not sure who the hell it was, but I was hearing some kind
of power tool for a few days. It wasn’t a circular saw. If anything, it
reminded me of an electric drill. I first thought it was across the street
because of the way he moved his golf cart back into his driveway. Then for a
split second yesterday, I saw him with a blower. Maybe it was coming from
behind him. I saw an old guy stop at his place the other day. They chatted for
about 20 seconds and at one point the guy gestured behind his place. It wasn’t
nearly as maddening as when Bob and the guy that moved in across from him would
be at times. I could drown it out with the air cleaner on low, but couldn’t drown
out anything at the old place on high. 


While I was unwinding with my audiobook at 3:30 yesterday,
out went the motorcycle for an hour. I could hear it, but I could also
definitely see how I could sleep through it with the underwater sounds playing.
All I had on at the time were the air cleaner and fan. 


I saw him put the golf cart and back again as well. This was
while watching on the camera. 


Interestingly enough, as soon as I asked Jessie to text me
her address and she agreed to do so, so I could send her the gifts, I didn’t
hear from her for a couple of days. Tom suggested that maybe asking for the
address freaked her out, but I didn’t see why it would after all these years.
Instead, I figured she was busy even though she did check in on Facebook on and
off over the last couple of days.  


She just told me a little while ago that they got their
moving pod and have been busy unpacking and she’s working as well. It is a
weird coincidence, though, that does make me wonder. She had time to check in
on Facebook but not to text me her address? She said she’s not freaked out at
all and I would hope and I would think that she would say so if she didn’t want
to divulge it. Even though I shouldn’t let it get to me, I get tired of waiting
on people that claim they’re busy. We’re all busy. I’ve never been
busier. I can’t remember the last time I looked at the clock and realized I had
four or five hours left of my day to figure out what to do with. 


The AC guy came out yesterday, and all hopes of getting an
AC for 4K have been dashed with the ongoing inflation crisis. They did, however,
offer to sell the same AC for 6K that the first guy wanted to sell for 9K.
Still, that’s a lot of money we owe. He was kind enough to throw in a new grill
for us and also add smart features. It’ll be done by next Monday. 


I guess I misunderstood Tom when I said he’d given up on the
rest of the projects. He said he just doesn’t want anymore. Unless an emergency
comes up, I can’t imagine what more there is other than what we’ve already
talked about. They left some Round-Up here so he went out and used it up on the
weeds that were growing by the house. 


Today’s lab day. I’m just a little tired because I forced
myself to get up a little earlier, not wanting to sleep too late in case they
can’t get the AC in before Monday. It takes the better part of the day to do
it, so they’re going to be out at around 10:00. 


For once I had some unusual and interesting dreams, even if
they were still negative. It started off with me thinking of Andy traveling
alone and thinking how boring it would be if I was traveling alone. 


Then Tom and I were staying at a hotel. When I got up in the
morning, the coffee machine exploded. As I was cleaning up the mess, I realized
my medication was sitting there and I thought to myself, didn’t I already
take my med this morning? I was afraid to take it in case I was double
dosing, but then I was afraid not to because I didn’t want to mess up my lab
results. I opted not to and we left the hotel, which was a brief and quiet
stay. I don’t know where we were or where we were going. 


Then Tom and I were sitting in what looked like the center
of a mall. We weren’t sitting right next to each other although we could see
each other. 


I noticed a young girl who had been a part of a group of
girls that were wearing matching dresses and quickly singing something. One was
heavily pregnant. The girl who was in her 20s or 30s kept looking at me.
Finally, she approached me and told me how pretty I was and how she wanted to
get a picture of me. I thought it was odd that anyone would find me attractive
at this age but consented to having my picture taken. 


“I would have worn makeup had I known you were going to take
my picture,” I said. 


She said that was no problem and then another woman who was
a little older was smoothing back my hair to one side. A split second later I
was nodding to Tom as I was heading out of the mall with the women and sitting
between them in a car heading towards a place I assumed they were going to take
my picture in. But then I started getting suspicious about their vagueness and
what their true intentions were. I began to fear they were taking me to a strip
club. I told them I was open-minded and I had been a stripper way back when and
was bisexual and all that but had only agreed to have my picture taken and didn’t
want to be gone long. They said something about 15 minutes to three hours. I
didn’t have my phone with me, so I asked to use theirs so I could let Tom know
where I was. Although the woman did hold out her phone to me, I suddenly
realized I couldn’t remember Tom’s number. So the dream ended with me never
knowing for sure where I was going or with any way to reach Tom.  


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