Feeling vulnerable

Privacy: anonymous

Have been working late non stop for the past 3 nights for 2 close students. So when I woke up, the pressure starts to mount. Their school teacher is unreasonable , testing them way beyond they are supposed to bear and they are cracking up, especially Chloe. So I had to be the feisty cheerleader to cheer and coach them. But I am cracking up as well. The sleep quality has not been good. I forced myself to go to NTUC to do some groceries and walked a bit to absorb a bit of sunshine. Plugging into worship songs does help. I saw a mom with an infant. Tears were brimming in my eyes. I tune in back into worship songs. Past memories began creeping at the door, trying to remind my fatal mistakes. I cannot afford to ruminate else depression will deepen.  When mom asked how am I , I was hesitant. Where to start? How to start? God , help me. 


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