Frustrated emotions

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Something sometimes every thing is out of our control and we cannot do anything I have to work on few things I need to improve myself I need to take care of my health I need to take care of my mental health too I am trying to take things light like my emotions I overthink a lot but I am trying to get rid of the negativity I have attachment issues how much I try to forget It just get into it more like every thing is happening together every bad thing I want to learn to handle myself in this situation I feel support less it’s I can’t tolerate anything if people judge me for how I speak I don’t know how to speak maybe even someone close is making me feel like weakest person instead of making me strong and make fun of me I am just tired and want to sleep on the bed and never wake up nothing is going right way to get that courage where to go where to find peace till when I need to talk with myself only and when will I find any other good friend or partner or someone like me I want someone to hug me and tell me every thing is going to be alright I am with you I don’t think so this people exist good people exist ?I don’t know trying to work hard but sometimes I just lose my emotions for the people who don’t give a fuck about me I am in Abandoned piece of shit though I am strong enough I can overcome this I am so strong I have me I will nor find good people I will get rid of my emotions I wish I could be emotion less person


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