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If all goes well, Florida will feel like Florida starting tomorrow. So, 6 weeks of winter. It’s better than 6 months, but I was really hoping for 6 days. 

Speaking of 6, it seems the good doc only sleeps about 6 hours a night. She seems to go offline around midnight and get up at 6. I wonder if I’m the only former or current patients she’s got on her list. I asked Jessie and Andy’s opinion on the matter and whether or not they would be surprised if a former doctor accepted their friend request and Jessie said maybe she’s just friendly to everyone and only keeps in touch with those she’s close to. That’s what I’m thinking. 

Andy’s response was a little surprising. He said his current doc gave him her cell phone number and said to call anytime he wants to chat or has questions. He doesn’t contact her very often because he doesn’t want to bug her knowing how busy she is. But back when he was losing weight and was all excited about it, he called her for advice. 

Yesterday I didn’t have any anxiety and today I feel slightly borderline. We’re going to the store later, so I’m sure that will help. 

I finally finished Jessie’s diamond painting! It felt like it took me forever. Later on, we’ll spray it with the sealer outside on the grass. I asked for her address and she said she would text it to me. So yeah, she’s definitely afraid to do much on Facebook. I don’t know if it’s because she had a bad experience with it or something else, but she’s definitely paranoid about what she shares. She never appears to post anything and I’m guessing she has me excluded from being able to see her posts. That might kind of sting a bit depending on what it is and how often. I do understand wanting to stick to sharing with family and all that but I just would think good friends would be included. I can’t help but wonder out of curiosity what she posts, how often, and who sees it. I do remember a long time ago she mentioned something about being hesitant to post things for future employers to see. I understand her on that much because unfortunately, you can be fired for what you do outside of work. 

If you say “Hey Facebook” on the Oculus it does things for you like shut down the device, take pictures, and record videos. I recorded a quick clip of me boxing and also riding my board. I’ve taken snapshots as well for a photo album I created for my VZfit trips. 

I’m still in NorCal and 2% through the trip in a place called Sutter Creek. It’s going to be a while before I get out of Cali. 

I’m a little frustrated with Tom because he doesn’t seem to want to finish the rest of the home projects. He was supposed to make the living room shades smart, replace a couple of old blinds, and a few other things as well. At least the AC guy will be here tomorrow. The day after that is lab day. Who knows when he’ll get the guy out to look at the roof? I’ve pretty much given up hope of fixing up the lanai to use as an extra room. He really seems determined to keep that as a storeroom of sorts. 


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