Increasing my waiting time

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 My weight definitely wants to go up. I’ve been seeing 163
more often at the end of my day, and I know how it works. Once I see a new high,
I’ll be seeing it more and more often until it becomes a regular thing, and
then eventually a thing of the past as I continue on up the scale.  


We went bike riding again. The weather was gorgeous and
breezy. However, I was a bit lightheaded today for a while. Not quite as much
energy as yesterday but more than I thought I would have. 


He and I got to talking about how hypo I’ve been and the
waiting time between taking my meds and having my coffee. He says he swore
Doc O told me to wait an hour. So I did a basic Google search and one hour
is recommended more than a half-hour. Also, caffeine can interfere with the
absorption of the medication so I decided I would start waiting an hour. I’m
also going to make sure I don’t take my magnesium until four hours after taking
it. Doc A told me not to take vitamin C or calcium before 4 hours, but iron
and magnesium also came up on the list of things to wait on. 


I don’t think I can ever get back into the single digits on
this dose, even with waiting. I think my thyroid really has died off some more.
But I may have been adding to my problems without realizing it. I just hope the
magnesium can keep working its magic whenever I do manage to get my TSH lower
and keep the anxiety away. So I’m gonna drop the plan to take 88s and try
waiting an hour on just the 75s for starters. Tomorrow he’ll be able to make
some calls and start getting some answers as to when I can see who and where
and how. I’m thinking an Endo will want to start off seeing me in person, but I
don’t know for sure. 


We’ve been getting some apps, but they haven’t been all that
impressive. He got a car racing app that sucks. I got a language practice app
that is kind of confusing. Plus I got a Cirque du Soleil app that has about a
half dozen acts. I’ve always loved them, but this isn’t very impressive for
Cirque du Soleil. It’s just OK. 


For what was at least the third time since we’ve been here,
an ambulance showed up at the house next to Toni’s. Because there were two cop
cars and other vehicles, including golf carts in the area, we thought maybe
someone died. I stepped out at one point and asked the officers if everything
was OK and they said it was all good. Did “all good” mean that it was all good in
that there was nothing dangerous going on in the hood or that it was all good
because no one died? 


I couldn’t help but notice how young the cops looked, which
is a reminder that I’m getting up there in age. LOL, I swear they looked more
like boys than men. The type one could picture at a party getting drunk and
acting all immature and silly.  


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