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 I was up for 19.5 hours and only slept for 6.5 hours, so I'm
having another tired day. My God, I am so, so fucking sick of this shit!
Why can't I just have fucking energy most days instead of some days?!  


OMG, am I seeing correctly? I do believe I am! Speech to
text is actually printing out my swear words instead of starring them. Wow, you
mean I actually have freedom of expression now in my own Word documents? How amazing.
Doubt it will be that way in emails. 


Really hoping the mowers aren't late in case they wake me up
right after I fall asleep. I'd hate to crash at around 10:00 or 10:30 and have
them wake me up an hour later. Of course, that depends on what mower they're


Speaking of twisted families, Andy told me some things I
didn't know. With him being four years older and my family keeping most things
from me, he knew a lot more of what went on than I did. After Andy graduated
high school, his mother left his father for four or five years. She went to
stay with Marla in Atlantic City, which was where she was at the time.  


Andy encouraged his father to date other women believing his
mother wasn't coming back. He only dated a woman once. Andy really liked her
and went to spend the weekend with her and her kids. He had so much fun there
that he ended up staying for a few weeks. His dad, however, decided that it was
his mother he loved so he stood alone until she returned. They stayed together
until he died. 


I don't remember much about Al as a kid, but I definitely
didn't like him as an adult. I remember one time I called his house looking for
Andy when I was in Phoenix and he was home visiting and he spoke to me in such
a snotty tone. I just didn't tell Andy about it. 


Then there was Phil. That was Norma’s first husband. Despite
the fact that Norma was considered a hot blue-eyed blonde back in her prime,
Phil had an affair And died of a heart attack in bed with his mistress. 


Apparently, Phil had a whole other family with this woman
and Michelle was asking Norma about it, but Norma refused to discuss it. Can't
blame her for that one! 


Phil also scared the shit out of Andy as a kid by saying
things like how he would put him in a box and ship him to China, and he said it
as if he was dead serious. So I'd say that heart attack was his karma.  


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