Life is so unfair

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 It's sad to hear reports of protesters fighting for basic
human rights getting plowed by vehicles instead of the scum that started this
shit. I keep hoping to hear of at least some of the trash being taken out, but
of course I never do and I know I never will. :(


Every time I see that ugly black face of Clarence’s I want to
reach through my computer and squash it with my hand.


Dan Rather tweeted that setbacks can end up leading to wonderful
victories, but I don’t know about that. Sure, that might happen, but for how
long? I’ve experienced politics long enough to know that things tend to bounce
back and forth throughout the years. People’s rights are going to be like a
yoyo for as long as they walk the face of the earth. The giving and taking of
rights is just a sad fact of life.


I think my hairstylist was right when she said you can train
your scalp. This was day three of not washing my hair, yet it was still pretty
clean. I washed it anyway. I’ll wash it every two to three days. I’m gonna get
a shower cap for when I’m only washing my body. I might be tempted to let my
hair grow long again if I don’t have to wash it every day, but I still have to
dye it so I don’t know. I can’t always just fill in the roots because the rest
of the color fades and it won't always match.


Looking forward to Twitter Notes when they’re available! They’re
to be the same kind of notes where you can put a picture running across the top
of it that Facebook used to have. I was so disappointed when they took that
feature away so now I can enjoy it on Twitter until they take it away too. It’s
supposed to be for writers so they can share chapters from stories or whatever
they want. Twitter still isn’t the same without Aly, though. While she would be
disgusted with the events going on in this country, I think she would have
loved the feature and that we would have had fun sharing stories there.


I’m not sure yet if I’m going to create a new account for
these notes. I’ll use them mostly for journaling. Right now I tweet the highlights
of my life, but if I’m going to be able to do 2500 words per post then I might
turn it into a journal. Maybe I’ll create an account for stories as well. I was
also thinking of a picture account for PB, even though I don’t plan on being
there as much for a while. It’s just much easier to share links to pictures
than going through a host.


I’m functioning on only 5 hours and 21 minutes of sleep, so I’m
kind of tired today. A couple of hours before I got up, I swear I heard a bang but
Tom said there was no thunder. After I got up, he noticed a car next door. So I’m
wondering if maybe that’s what woke me up. We kind of doubt it, though, because
Irma and Dick didn’t wake me up and the person would have had to slam the car
door like they were pissed as hell. More than likely, it’s just whatever’s
cursing my sleep that manifested the sound. Besides, I never heard them leave
when they left. I don’t think it was anyone checking out the house but probably
visitors that Linda next door had. She’s quite a company junkie. I’m so glad we
didn’t end up next to anyone like that! Especially that’s here year-round.


My nails still
have some sensitivity. I think it was definitely the remover. Someone else that
got this stuff complained about the same thing.


I got Cipro
toothpaste that my old dentist in California used to give me. I’m limiting my
eating to three times a day. After the first two times I eat, I’ll use that. After
the last time I’ll use the kickass fluoride toothpaste that my current dentist
gave me.


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