Makes me shudder

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 Out of curiosity, I was reading the different abortion laws
in various countries. Looks like a lot of the Scandinavian countries give free abortions
on demand. Then you have some Latin countries that won’t abort under any
circumstances, not even if the mother’s life is in danger. It makes me shudder
to think there are some countries that would let a woman die despite being
totally preventable. These religious zealots and their delusions are affecting
so many people in such a negative way. This month will be the first time the
Supreme Court will actually scale back on human rights rather than
extend them. Pretty fucked up if you ask me. 


I heard half a dozen or so barks around 9 yesterday morning
but nothing after that. That’s probably only because I wasn’t in the front of
the house after noon. The more I think about it, the more I doubt they
contacted him about the barking because I didn’t go to the office. It could
also be a numbers thing too. Maybe they require two or more complaints before
they do anything about barking. If I continue to hear it, it could be that S
and his wife simply don’t give a damn but even more likely is that the office
never said anything to them. 


I asked him what he considered too much barking and he said
more than five minutes more than three times. Lol, a single bark twice a
day is about all I can handle. 


He lost $10 yesterday with the horses. He’s dreaming, I tell
you, he’s dreaming. Just like he was in Oregon.  


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