Making sense of Feelings

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Knowing how to handle and manage your feelings is very important in life. I have been fortunate at this because i am able to manage my feelings with an altruistic thought process. Books like Man's Search For Meaning and growing up admiring the purity and philosophy of Ramayana has helped me immensely in this. I just want to make sense of my feelings first and that is the most difficult part  for me- "Making sense of feelings". Once you have done that then we need to realise that Life is a learning process and we want to Make lives of others around us better. Then whatever bad happens will be a learning event and we will find contention in realising that whatever you will do will be for the greater good of people. Things get sorted out as soon as this is done.

Some would argue why bother to learn as life is finite and will end one day and In the End It doesnt even matter! But my response would be whatever i do in my lifetime would make some peoples'  lives better and before i die i will write books so that someone might find an answer they were always searching for through my answer. 

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