Merry Christmas!

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 OMG, it’s so
cold out there! This does not feel like Florida. We’ve been having a
cold spell and it’s going to be another day or so before it ends and we stop dropping
to 50 degrees or lower at night. We didn’t even need the AC at all the day
before yesterday. Definitely wish we could have afforded to head further south,
but fortunately, these cool spells don’t last long and this is only the second


Can’t believe
how long I slept last time around. 9 hours and 47 minutes, according to Fitbit.


A few days
ago, Tom said his bad ear was weird. He said it was like he couldn’t hear at
all from it and it was vibrating in a strange way.


My nails are
still lifted and sensitive, and I have a groin rash. I’ve had it before, only
this time around Gold Bonds doesn’t seem to be helping, so I switched to
hydrocortisone. Then when I looked up the best remedies for it, it suggested
alcohol or ACV. Well, I’m going back to adding ACV shots to my sparkling water
because it does seem that my skin got worse since I stopped them. I just have
to make sure I have a banana every day.


On next year’s
calendar, I’m going to mark a T whenever I’m tired. Like too tired to work out.
I’ll put an M down whenever a motor of some kind wakes me up, be it
motorcycles, trucks, helicopters, whatever. I’ll put in an A if I’m anxious, and
an S if storms wake me up.


I got up at
midnight and until 4:00 in the morning, I heard tons of motorcycles blazing
around outside the park. In one case I heard what sounded like a group of them.
Where are all these people going on Christmas at that hour? I can’t believe
such racket is allowed at that hour. And I still wonder when the hell anyone’s
gonna do anything about it. How do people sleep through that shit? It’s like
the laws that allow for such monstrous motors and boom car stereos don’t have any
more respect for people than the people that do this shit.


I was looking
around on Amazon for different ideas to add to my future Etsy store. Besides
just diamond paintings, crystal pendants in all kinds of colors seem to be
popular, so maybe I can add those. I found a small kit that would generate a
decent profit if they sold, but not cost me much if they didn’t.


I thought
about including the shipping in the price of things, but I don’t know about
that in the case of international sales. It might be better to add a shipping
calculator and have them put in their ZIP code and base it on that.


We ran out to
Publix yesterday morning. Love that store. Just wish it wasn’t so expensive. I
grabbed a couple of boxes of scallops in garlic sauce as well as mushroom risotto.
Plus I wanted to get raw peanuts to bake for snacks. I just wanted some variety
instead of the usual meat and veggies.


So that guy
that’s in jail said that MD was the only site they let him on. It has to do
with the study of incarcerated inmates.


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