New Beginnings

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This is hopefully a new beginnings of things to come. I started listening to Jordon Peterson shortly after my 2nd Wedding Anniversary when Aravindan recommended me a video of him. Coincidently, my wife also decided to gift me one of his books - 12 Rules of Life, based on recommendation from Prakhar about him; but at the last moment, she decided not to get it. Its surprizing enough that he's been an internet sensation for the past 4/5 years, & I haven't come across him. I guess there had to be a fateful event for this. 

I lean towards the right when it comes to moral & societal views. I find it practical & comforting. After years of being in revolutionary mode in my 20s, I understood that evolution is what is possible & not revolution. Also, evolution takes time. Evolution happens at individual level, in smaller units of society & not larger chunks of society say at a country level. At some point I decided that any changes that I wanted to see, first I should live to the change & then try to assert influence within my family. 

That's about me. The spectrum from where Jordon Peterson comes from got me attracted to him at once. He's one of the most articulate persons I've heard out there. If there's controversy surrounding him, surely there's something that he's saying right. I'm not bothered about all the woke nonsense anyways. While this happened, I also came across the book from James Clear - Atomic Habits. I read this book as though I were reading a textbook for some examination - which involved taking notes & discussing the themes examined in it. The whole book went around what he calls it the Habit Loop - CUE, CRAVING, RESPONSE & REWARD. After I finished reading the book, I got filled with hope. Lots of hope. I crave change & this change will be atomic. I hope the energy that I draw out of it will truly be atomic in its nature & indeed powerful. 

Thus, this is a new beginning - of things to come. I want to start writing everyday, & I found this wonderful website. Looking forward to more things here. 


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