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 It’s one thing to have
nightmares. It’s another to have them when you’re psychic. Really hope the
thyroid related dream I had doesn’t mean anything, but I wouldn’t be surprised
if it did. After nearly 9 years, that’s pretty much common sense anyway. It was
one of those vague dreams where I remember feeling hypo symptoms even though
they didn’t feel as they normally would in real life. I felt hopeless in the
dream knowing it was from my thyroid and that there wasn’t anything I could do
about it.


Then I had these weird
dreams about some guy blowing up cars in a parking lot. Us being in an
apartment that they were connecting via stairs. Then there was one with Nane.
She lived in a huge apartment building and I’m guessing I did too. Someone
stole some cosmetics from her and wanted me to return them, but I was afraid to
because I didn’t want her thinking I was the one that stole them. So I was thinking
of getting a bag to stick them in, leaving them on her doorknob, and then
running for the elevator before she got to the door.


We’re having our second
cool spell since we’ve been here. If I’m in a robe and slippers, it’s too cold.
It rained on and off all night last night, and I was telling him how it’s been
raining like crazy all of a sudden in Cali and how it was disappointing that it
waited until we left. But then he had a very good point when he said that was
actually a good thing because the roof was on its last leg. That’s so true too.
It was. That’s why it would sometimes stink when it would rain because it was
leaking into the attic area. I hated that rotten wood smell. Poor Debbie! LOL.


I don’t know why, but they
had problems getting the oil diffuser to me and cancelled the order. I decided
to just skip it for now rather than look for another one because we’ve got
enough stuff coming and I can always burn incense when I’m in the back office.


I sent copies of my group
rant to the co-founder of the app, as well as Charlotte, who used to
be a Mod. Charlotte surprised me by saying she totally understands my being
sick of the positive toxicity, which is why she hasn’t been a Mod for three
years. I didn’t expect a reply from either one of them, and while I didn’t get
a reply from Eugenia, I was surprised to get an understanding one from
Charlotte who lives in Germany. Not that I have anything against Germans, of
course, but since I’ve had mostly bad luck with the ones I’ve interacted with,
I’m hesitant to strike up any kind of a friendship.


[It’s so true, though,
about the toxic positivity as she said. Like the person who wants to bury their
head in the sand in the name of political correctness and be all positive and nicey-nicey
when it comes to Muslims. No matter how shitty they treat people, we must, must
must say nothing but warm, fuzzy things about them! *eyeroll*


Mia went on a funny
Facebook rant the other day. She was warning me how dangerous they are and how
they’re slowly chipping away at people’s privacy. Then she wanted to take me
into the woods and show me her tits.



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