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 What a rude, inconsiderate little bastard across the street.
I loved yesterday and the day before because he was gone all day. They leave
the lanai windows open for the dogs, which miraculously don’t bark at
everything they see going by. They did squeal with delight, though, when they
returned because they were out for so long. They let them run around loose too,
but do stay confined to his property. Well, his and next door’s. He’s on the


So after he washed and waxed both the car and the motorcycle,
he ran the motorcycle for about 20 seconds, maneuvering it up the driveway and
into place. Like he really couldn’t walk the damn thing into place? Tom says he
was checking the charger. Unfortunately, it’s not covered yet and I doubt it’s
because it’s still wet but more like that he plans to use it more often. Fucker
looks like a biker too. Stocky build, tats up the arms, etc. 


Anyway, I napped for a bit before this started because I again
woke up hot flashing two or three times in my sleep. 


No energy for going out for a walk today. We went out
yesterday morning and it was a very misty but pleasant walk. If I didn’t know
any better, I would think it just rained because there was so much dew all over
the place. 


I’m 4% through my trip and heading for the Nevada border. If
I can get the energy for at least that much, I’ll make it today. 


G called in my refill and also said that my hormones
could be at play, but it’s hard to say if they’re entirely to blame or not. Not
surprisingly, they asked if I tried a therapist and I told them I tried that, a
shrink, and psych meds to no avail. I swear something doesn’t want me treating
the things that I get for the most part. Can’t treat the anxiety, can’t fully
treat my thyroid, can’t treat my cholesterol. I’m still guessing the bulk of my
problem is on the medication, which really sucks because my need for it isn’t
going to change nearly as much as my hormones may. I think I’ll always have to
be hypo and adjust my waiting time. At least I haven’t been skipping though!  


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