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 The day before Christmas I
slept through quite a parade, according to Tom. We didn’t even know they did
parades here. They went by twice on golf carts shouting “Ho-ho-ho!” and honking
horns. He said they were pretty loud.


Now, will the Canadian
couple across the street come honking back in their truck before or after the New


The dog in back that goes
off all night long reminds me of Brandy and Whiskey. I’m guessing those dogs
are dead by now, although Whiskey could be on his last leg. Either way, I’m
sure Jesse replaced them with new dogs to store outside like old furniture and to
bark their asses off.


Anyway, if the dog in back
was just a little louder, it would be annoying. If we had any kind of a back
porch or patio, I wouldn’t want to be out there at night. It barks on and off
in spurts, sometimes for hours at a time. I still have to believe the owner(s)
work third shift because I don’t see how the hell they could sleep through all
that barking. If I can hear it hundreds of feet away, how could they not? I
feel bad for the neighbors! I wonder why it’s easier to hear on some nights as
opposed to others, but I’m guessing it has to do with the time of year,
temperature, and wind direction.


We got a bike rack to park
two bikes and put it in the corner in front. When I say the corner, I mean
between the outer walls of the lanai and kitchen. We could bolt it to the
ground, but decided it’s very unlikely that as long as they were locked up that
anyone would be that desperate to take the rack and bikes as a whole. We’re not
out very often, and if they were going to make a try for it, that’s when it
would be.


We also gotta cover for
them so that in the summer when it’s too hot and humid, we can cover them and
keep them from getting too weathered.


For the first time in the
five months we’ve been in this house, I’m going for a bike ride later on.
Yesterday morning was so cold when I went out walking that I just went around
the block and back. I totally felt like I was back at the old place!


I have a nail polish set on
the way with 24 different colors. Yes, you read right. The sticker whore is
getting nail polish. I’m thinking that tugging off the stickers may also have a
hand in why I’ve got nail lifting. You really do have to tug hard. That’s what
makes them so good and makes you able to shower with them and do heavy cleaning
and all kinds of stuff. Some nails actually look a little better, but my thumbs
are horrible for some reason. Perhaps that’s because they’re bigger and so
there’s more tugging on those nails when removing the stickers. I still think
most of it is likely due to my thyroid, but I figure it can’t hurt to go back
and forth and do polish for a while and then go back to stickers.


The few bottles of polish I
have are old and need to be replaced. I was hesitant at first to get a set of polish
because I figured there would be colors I didn’t like, but I found one that doesn’t
have any boring earth tones and they’re full-size bottles too.


I also got a new portable
bidet similar to the other one we had because these bidets leave me too wet.
The stream is simply too wide. It’s fine for taking a dump, but not for women.
I just wonder if the wetness is part of what’s caused my rash.


I shared my MD link with
Abby privately and I wonder if it’s her that clicked on dozens of entries
yesterday. I mean dozens and dozens! Even if they glanced at them for just a
second, it still would have taken hours to click open a dozen or more entries
from each year that I’ve written.


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