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Recently listen a podcast which describes thick and thin desires that every person has. Thick desires are those which we want from deep within without any external influence, while thin desires are things which we want because others have them too. Sometimes, we do not relize our thick desires unles we get them. It is the thin desires that we kept on chasing all our life. 

When I thought deeply about my thick desires, I realized a lot of my current engagements and activities turned out to be thin. Then what exactly I reallly want.

What I have learned from the the book ATOMIC HABITS, it is the system that matters most than the goals. However, I believe a system, which I have been personally nurturing for years is nothing without a goal. During my family vacations in a secluded resort in South GOA, my thick desires came back afloat for a retirement home in a peaceful place on mountains or on a beach, where I would die reading books. Yes, die reading books.

But consideing my finances, is it possible. First thing First, everything is possible if you put enough efforts for it. Secondly, my goal is to start the process of buying/building this home in 10 years from now. That is at the age of 62. So I have enogh time to work on my finances and settle my kids in between. ……  



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