Would you pee in the ocean?

Privacy: anonymous

 Oh wow. Someone clicked open nearly every single of my 9K+
entries on MD throughout the late afternoon and night. Abby? Lenore M, our
old neighbor that I shared the link with just for shits and giggles? 


Based on the number of reads I’m getting per current entry
on MD, I’m guessing I get a hell of a lot more than I realize on PB, which is
more active than MD. I guess that you can’t hide from having your click counted
on MD when you open an entry even if you could hide your location. With PB,
it’s easier to hide from personal trackers like what I have. I always figured I
had more visitors than I could see on PB. 


I decided to give the 88s another try, only slower this
time. I took an 88 this morning because I’m sick of the hypo symptoms. It’s
getting harder to keep my weight down, and sooner or later I’m going to lose
the battle and gain some more. I’m only taking one 88 this week. Next week I’ll
take two and then the week after, I’ll make a second attempt to tolerate 3 88s
a week. This will tell me if it really caused my anxiety the last time or was
just a coincidence just like with the brand thing. 


We’ve been in this house five months today and we finally
took the bikes out yesterday. Bike riding is so much easier here than in NorCal!
But you still get a good workout. It was tons of fun, and I would do it again
today if I weren’t so tired. I was up just over 18 hours, which always leaves
me tired the next day. I’m surprised I got a sleep score of 91 because I know I
woke up three or four times. 


It’s nice to have a “smart” kitchen again. It took him a
while but he made the light switch in the kitchen smart. I guess the size of it
wasn’t ideal. He’s also going to make another light in the kitchen smart later


So like I said, we’ve been here 5 months now. It’s great to
finally be in a place where I’m not constantly saying how much I can’t wait to
get the fuck out. While it would still be nice to be near Jessie and have a
bigger place with a washer and dryer in it, I don’t know if I’ll want to move.
Small or not, this house is ideal in many ways and I love not having houses surrounding
all four sides of us. I’m sure it’ll change, though. Things always get worse, so
I don’t expect the peace to last forever. If they don’t build something in back
of us, we’ll get the wrong neighbors in time. I don’t expect Toni to go
anywhere anytime soon, but across the street could get worse, and if something’s
wrong with the people next door that they haven’t been here this winter, it
could get sold to problematic full-timers. As I’ve learned the hard way,
complaining isn’t usually a good solution. It just gets you spited and makes
things worse. Besides, what I might consider noisy doesn’t necessarily mean
they’re doing anything wrong. It does say in the rules that you can’t have
parties that can be heard in other people’s houses, but they can do all the
home improvements they want. And if their dog has a few quick barking spurts throughout
the day, they’re technically not doing anything wrong as long as it’s in the
daytime. For now, though, I’m really enjoying how much quieter it is here than
the other place. One major project in five months is a serious improvement from
the other park. The main annoyance is the planes. The commercials have been
quieter due to Omicron, but there was a swarm of small planes yesterday that
was annoying. But do I really want to go where it could be noisier and we’d be at
more risk of hurricanes and flooding? 


Yesterday he cast my Oculus to the TV so he could see what I
was doing as I was doing it. This way he could guide me through Rec Room, which
is a little complicated to get established in. I set up a profile and went
through the tutorial and all that. Then I finally got to play the bowling game
he plays. I suck at it just like golf, but it was fun. Even if I don’t have the
energy to work out today, I can still do some golfing and bowling. Maybe play
an archery game too? It seems the possibilities are endless with RV. 


Can’t wait for my new set of nail polishes. I think it will
be good to alternate between polish and stickers. They both have their pros and
cons. Polish is so much easier and you don’t have the filing and all that
stuff. But it definitely doesn’t last as long, and your designs are limited. It’s
nice not having to tug off the stickers even though I have to wait for polish
to dry. 


I’m kind of pissed at myself for not reading the description
carefully on the dolphin diamond painting I got for Jessie. It has those square
drills I hate. They are, however, easier to place with this kind of glue
because it isn’t as sticky. This way I can position them better. 


I used the brush-on sealer for the one I just finished of a
seaside town and at first it looked like someone spilled milk on it. I was
worried it wouldn’t
dry clear, but it did. 


installed this really cool add-on to Chrome called Toucan that translates
random words in different languages. Since I’m reviewing the Italian course
now, I set it to that. When I do the German, I’ll switch to that.


is beach day! I don’t just want the beach, I need the beach. As long as
the summer storms don’t go waking me up more than traffic did at the old place,
I can’t see myself ever leaving this state. I can totally see why Nane couldn’t
wait to escape Germany in the winter and head down to Turkey or Greece.


got some bottled water to take and I realized how it would make us pee more.
But then he reminded me that they do have bathrooms. Yeah, but they’re not just
a few steps away either. Therefore, while I would never pee in a pool, would I
pee in the ocean? Fish do it all the time, so I don’t see how it could harm
anything. I don’t know if I could do that, though. I’m not a kid anymore.


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