Ayush got Placed - Happy Moment

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My niece Ayush Gupta, who was studying in Noida from past 3 years got a job today.

I'm very happy for him. I prayed GOD for his job. He was a good student, although I knew that he is talented, but there is always a feat. What if he didn't get job.

All efforts are now sorted, got fruitful result. I remember, when he took admission in Lovely university, Punjab. I insisted his parents to admit their son to Noida. And, they agreed. It was a big decision then. As, they had done the admission, paid partial fees.

But, they agreed.

Today he called me, and I was super happy. I talked to her mom, my sister. And, I expressed my happiness. Although, I'm too bad in expressing any emotion. She said, its all because of me. She said, she cried hearing this news.

Thank GOD.


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