Can I miss you? - single track crush

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My feelings towards you were the strongest yesterday. Especially after 6 days of teaching, I longed to chat with you. I longed to chat the snippets of my life to you. I know you will listen attentively. You will counsel me. Perhaps you think it is just a brotherly affection towards me. But I can tell you a man and a woman can never have a platonic relationship. It is either the guy or girl will fall in love with the other. I am the living proof. I used to have one during secondary school days. I didnt expect to have another one now. I seem to attract men who are loners, no friends. I am the extrovert while the guy I like is extreme introverts. Very annoying and frustrating. 

Prayers: Dear Heavenly Father, I surrender him into Your hands. I bless him and may You be with him. Seal my heart with Your love. Heal my heart with Your grace and mercy. i pray for holy forgetfulness to forget about him and move on. In the most precious name of Jesus Christ I pray 


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