Full Busy Day

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Yesterday was full busy day!

5:45 - Wake up. Went for milk. Did not get it, as bufallo's calf drank all milk :)

6:10 - Came back. Got ready, took bath.

6:40 - Time to awake kids, get ready/bath Bhavika

I could get time for puja.

7:45 - Went for dropping kids to school

8:15 - Came to office

5:10 - Went for milk again

5:30 - Came back home, time for Daksh's chess class

5:45 - Went for Daksh class along with him

6:00 - Reached there, dropped Daksh, went to society club where I dropped Daksh. 

Picked a book - Definition of Joy from some acharya.

7:20 - Came back from library, did little walk. Saw kids playing, trying to find joy :)

took Daksh and came back home at 7:50 PM

8:30-10:00 - Had meetings

10:00 Took dinner, watched little movie. Ask kids to goto sleep

10:45 Slept


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