My decision to Leave

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Since the time Piyush has gone. I'm not able to find any reason to stay here. There is no work for me. I'm feeling like not-required. 

The more senior you become, more responbilities you got. I was not to find any such responsibility. Everybody was doing their work. There was no work for my level. My skills are getting waste, I wasn't learning anything at all. 

I think many other people are also getting frustrated, due to quality of work. I also realized, I'm not doing any real work from last around 1 year.

I've decided to look out for other open positions inside Adobe. I also thought of going out. But, it takes lot of time in study. I did not want to study all data structure from ground-zero.

I thought of looking for internal positions. I found few, and talked to few.

I talked to:

  • Mohit for Doc-cloud
  • Another one for Doc-cloud
  • Praveen for ACP
  • Ajay for ACP

I gave interview for Praveen's team. Ajay's team gave me a yes without any interview.

I was confused, but it looked to be good. Work is good.


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