Old Friends Meet After Long-long time - Awesome Time

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Life was going so monotonous. I thought of meeting friends. Its hard to get everybody on time. But, luckily by calling few times, everybody decided to meet in Noida.

It was so good to see all of them: Gaurav Verma, Nikhil Murria, Ashish Sharma

Ashish was at his best. He is always like that. He is the CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer).

We talked a lot about college life, current life, we talked about working on some idea. We drank a lot of beer. Verma told them about my salary, they were happy and surprised. I paid the bill of around 9K.

It was really so good to see all of them. I felt like I was so happy after a long time. My cheeks were hurting, by continuously smiling.

Nikhil and Ashish talked about Bhola. haha, cant write about it.


We were there for a good 5-6 hours. We laughed, and we shared our lives. We forgot to share our personal lives and personal problems with anyone. And, with heavy heart, we left from there.


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