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In continuation to; Ruchir's Leaving

Let me narrate his last few days schedule.

Phase-1 (30 May - 10 June) - Holidays

He took leaves for 12 days + weekends. No problem in that, everybody takes them. But who knew his leaving plans.

Phase-2 (11 June - 24 July) - Informal news about his resignation)

We came to know about his resignation, in an informal way. But, he conveyed this to management. And, he was dear to our beloved manager. He delayed his official resignation news till the time he got work visa. 

In this period, he did no work. He started giving his KT. Which lasted for only a week (MAX)

Phase-3 (25 July - 6 Sep) - Sabbatical

He was so dear to our manager that he even took his sabbatical before giving his official resignation. Just wow. For 6 weeks.

In the mean time, he gave his resignation, in between Sabbatical.

Phase-4 (7 Sep - 15 Sep) - Nobody knows

Nobody knows what he did in this time. 15th Sep was his last day. No KT, everything was done. 

He exploited Adobe to the full extent.


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