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From continuation to My Decision to Leave 

Few days back, Suman came to me and asked whats going on. I told her that I'm not liking the work. She said, yes the work is not for your level. She acknowledged. She asked if I'm looking out for positions. I said Yes. I think she got a little shock. But, its a part of corporate life.

Today, I conveyed my selection to Suman. I also send message to Parminder. Suman was ready for it.

She had a meeting with Piyush that day. And, I got a message from Piyush. See


I was like come on, how come. You are acting like GOD. He knew that I will be looking for change. 

Since Piyush also left. But, this makes one thing for sure that he left because of his growth. He should have become Director long back. But, security org has little scope for going up the ladder.

Well this small incidence raised some points for Piyush :)


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